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Dr. Philip Cordova

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Dr. Natalie Cordova

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Dr. Kevin Wafer

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Dr. Brandon Siegmund

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Dr. Bryen Brown

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Areas Served

Our office is located on San Felipe at Saint James Place in the Galleria area of Houston.

We are in the 77056 Zip Code, and are surrounded by the following Zip Codes:
77005, 77007, 77019, 77024, 77025, 77027, 77035, 77036, 77057, 77063, 77081, 77096, 77098, 77401

Patient Testimonials

"The service I have received from Core Chiropractic has been outstanding. The administration staff are friendly, professional and very welcoming. The Chiropractor whom I saw and continue to see is amazing. He explains everything so thoroughly and makes sure that I understand and am comfortable with the treatment. I am happy that I chose this facility and will continue to look forward to my appointments. Would not hesitate to recommend this practice."
-- Catherine B.

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Helpful Information For Choosing A Chiropractor

More About Chiropractor Houston

If you’ve never been to see a chiropractor before, we know that you’ll have concerns and plenty of questions. That’s why we always offer the initial consultation at no charge. The consultation is an opportunity to sit down with one of our doctors and explain your health condition.

We do this so that you have a chance to get to know us better and for us to determine if we can help you. There’s no point in continuing on to any next steps if your condition isn’t right for our treatment.

Each week, we make the necessary referrals for patients that need a different kind of health care provider. New patients always appreciate knowing that even if we can’t help, we will get them to a doctor or provider that can.

When you start your search for a chiropractor, finding one that takes your insurance (we are in-network providers for all major insurance plans), is affordable, provides payments options, and is open during hours that work for your schedule is key to successful results.

However, we know that what you really want is to find the best Houston Chiropractor for you. We strive for little to no wait time; offer private adjusting rooms, and additional physiotherapies to help reduce the spasm and inflammation that’s making your spinal misalignments feel ten times worse.

While we don’t do a lot of physical rehabilitation in our office, we do provide home care recommendations and exercises that will help you get the best results possible while saving you both time and money in the office.

Our area of focus is taking care of the services you can’t do on your own, namely quality chiropractic adjustments. You can do exercises to improve your posture at home, but you can’t perform a specific spinal adjustment on yourself.

We may also perform electric stimulation and spinal traction therapies, which are helpful in reducing your back pain and do things that you can’t do on your own.

Additionally, we want to be a resource for your health care choices. It’s not uncommon for patients to ask us if we know of another type of doctor or provider. They’ll also ask us about workouts or devices they’ve seen on T.V. or online.

Patients even ask us to explain their test results from other providers that “didn’t explain it in a way they could understand.” The bottom line is that we want to help you get the best chiropractic care you can get in Houston, Texas. Read our reviews, watch our videos, and then schedule your appointment online. Remember, we will only accept your case if we sincerely believe we can help.

Drs. Philip and Natalie Cordova started CORE Chiropractic in 2006, but graduated from Parker University (then Parker College of Chiropractic) in 1997.

Dr. Kevin Wafer joined the practice in 2011 after graduating from Texas Chiropractic College in Pasadena, Texas in 2010. Dr. Brandon Siegmund is also a graduate from Texas Chiropractic College and joined the practice in 2015.

More recently, Dr. Bryen Brown joined the Houston Chiropractors at CORE Chiropractic after working in a large wellness practice and later a multi-disciplinary office.

It was Houston's Galleria area that the Cordovas initially loved upon arriving in the city and decided this would be the area to start their practice. Since then, they've watched the area grow and grow while they cared for patients suffering with headaches, neck pain, mid and low back pain.

We want to be your Chiropractor, Houston – give us a call today!