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Help Your Low Back By Getting Your Head Back

By Dr. Ryan Winslow, a certified corrective chiropractor from Northbrook Illinois specializing in back pain relief. Let’s explore how your head and low back are connected, and how poor head and neck posture can lead to chronic back pain if left uncorrected. Sustained poor posture leads to “forward head posture” Sitting at a desk with […]

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back injury in the workplace

Back Injury In The Workplace: Avoiding Back Pain

Did you know that the workplace can be a potential high-risk environment for back injury? It’s true. Countless claims year after year for accidents that could easily be avoided by considering the risks, taking more time and making the company aware of any safety hazards. Back injury or neck injury that result in chronic back […]

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plantar fasciitis treatment options

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Options

From lasers to scalpels and everything in between, there is no shortage of treatment options when it comes to dealing with heel pain and its associated problems. That classic first severe painful step in the morning is the hallmark of Plantar Fasciitis, and your next step may have a role in it becoming chronic. Plantar […]

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How Did 6 Chiropractors Answer These Important Questions?

1. What’s the most impactful thing or activity a patient can do to improve their health? The Chiropractors: Dr. Philip Cordova – Houston, TX “Decide that you can be healthier and then start taking steps to make it happen. I think we all know at least one thing we can do to start moving […]

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stopped seeing chiropractor

“Have You Really Stopped Seeing Your Chiropractor?”

[Note From Dr. Cordova: From time to time, we will have guest bloggers contribute information for our patients that we think is helpful, entertaining, and useful. We hope you’ll enjoy this post from Dr. James Allen all the way from Australia!] You’ve put in all the hard yards getting your spine and body back on […]

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get adjusted before exercise

Should I Get Adjusted Before or After Exercise?

This is one of the most common questions that I get in the office and it might cause some confusion among patients but there is a simple way to look at it. “Do I need to get an adjustment before or after my workout?” The vast majority of people believe that they should get adjusted […]

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