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end to over eating book review

Book Review: The End Of Overeating

Growing up, I never struggled with my weight. I couldn’t gain a pound. I never made less than 2 sandwiches at a time and I easily drank a gallon of milk per day. I didn’t understand weight gain and the struggle that goes into losing weight or just maintaining a healthy weight. Later in life, […]

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better posture gift ideas

Better Posture Gifts For The Holidays

The holidays are nearly here and it’s a perfect time to start thinking about your goals for next year. While so many of our patients say they’ve gotten tired of setting and failing at New Year’s Resolutions, it doesn’t mean you can’t find one “easy” thing to work on to make your health and your […]

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non-invasive therapy

Non-Invasive Therapy: Horses, Not Zebras

There is an old saying in medicine, “When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras.” The idea behind this saying is that in nearly every case, the most likely diagnosis is the right one. In other words, if you are standing in the US and hear hoofbeats, you can assume you hear horses. It is only […]

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