beating yourself up

Maybe It’s Time To Stop Beating Yourself Up?

Have you ever started to work on a new habit geared towards improving your health and didn’t follow through? Maybe you were going to start stretching every day, drinking more water, working on your posture, or losing weight and you did “pretty good” for a few days or weeks and then something happened to throw […]

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sciatica relief chiropractic

Diagnosis: Sciatica – How I Evaluate and Treat to Get You Relief!


One of the common issues walking into a chiropractic office is Sciatica. You see it on commercials with some new knee brace, back brace, or miracle gel.  It’s marketed by pain management doctors and orthopedic offices displaying their different options of treatment. We seek out those patients here at CORE Chiropractic, similar to thousands of […]

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sitting too much

Sitting Too Much: A National Epidemic

Why should you have to stand when it is so easy to sit? How unhealthy is it to sit all day? How often should a person be sitting? Would it be helpful to get a standing desk at work? These are all questions that I got on a daily basis and it shows that not […]

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