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Q & A With Fit4Mom

Are you a mom or do you know any new moms out there who want to get into shape but struggle to find the time? I know that most moms are so busy tending to their little ones that they can never find the time to workout or get any form of exercise during the […]

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How I’d Like It To Be vs What It Really Is

I stared at the scale again, frustrated that not only had I not lost a pound, my weight had actually gone up. I started scanning through my past couple of days… what had I eaten? What had my activity levels been like? I really didn’t feel like I had been “that bad.” After all, didn’t […]

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Sciatica: What Not To Do!


Millions of people deal with sciatica on a day to day basis. I’ve discussed many different treatments in previous blogs. If you have read them already the I would recommend reading them to get a better understanding of what sciatica is and what treatments will give you the best results. A few really bad misconceptions […]

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