chiropractic x-rays

Why Get Spinal X-Rays When Visiting A Chiropractor?

“I don’t want x-rays,” the new patient scheduling on the phone tells the front desk staff. This is a conversation we have regularly with patients when they schedule, but one that is most often being determined by cost and not by need. We see medical offices, chiropractic offices, and hospitals charge a ton for x-rays […]

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stomach sleeping

Is Sleeping On My Stomach Really That Bad?


Is sleeping on my stomach really bad for me? YES!! The position you sleep in can cause a lot of pain along with other conditions in your spine that will get worse over time. Sleeping on the stomach is the worse position for your body. I know it may be comfortable or it may be […]

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Top 5 Tips to Safe Exercise

The summer is in full swing and the gyms are constantly packed with exercise enthusiast who want to stay in shape. People are willing to push their bodies to brink of discomfort in order to see the results but the biggest thing that you can do when working out is to be safe. Running the […]

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