Patch or fix

Would You Like Me to Patch it or Fix it?

Houston, Texas, home of the Astros, Rockets, and screw music. Also home to some bad roads. Most larger cities have terrible roads due to the repetitious patch work. Can you imagine rolling over concrete, asphalt, and dirt all at the same time. And I get it. Not only is it quicker and cheaper to just […]

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Top 5 Things Most People Do Not Know About Chiropractic

The internet can be full of a ton of facts but it can also be loaded with fiction. Most people who have seen a chiropractor before may have received some philosophy or education about what is involved with chiropractic. But there are also the unfortunate few who still do not know anything about chiropractic. These […]

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pilates houston

So You Think You Know Pilates – Interview with Melinda Acosta from Body Manipulation

“This past week I had the pleasure of meeting Melinda Acosta with Body Manipulation. While I’ve been a fan of Pilates as a concept, I have also seen great results with my patients (I’ve tried it a couple of times.) Many patients have asked about Pilates over the years. I saw a great opportunity to […]

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