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Atomic Habits

“Atomic Habits” – Making Small Changes For Better Health

Have you wondered why you can’t seem to create strong, consistent habits? I think about that a lot. I see patients struggle when trying to implement something as small as adding in two minutes of core strengthening. “I didn’t have time,” they say sheepishly. The reality is, they had time, but just didn’t do it… […]

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houston rolfing

Have You Ever Been Rolfed?

I’m very interested in trying out therapies and devices that patients ask about or recommend. Chiropractic is awesome, but I do recognize that there are other beneficial disciplines, therapies, and modalities that can make a real difference in how people feel and in their overall health. I don’t feel comfortable making a recommendation or an […]

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commuting neck pain

Is Commuting Literally a Pain in the Neck?

At some point your life you likely have experienced sharp, shooting neck pain when you turn your head to do a blind spot check in your car.  This is a problem. It’s even more problematic when you start avoiding doing these important safety checks because your pain is too severe. Before you have an accident, here’s what […]

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