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How Long Does Chiropractic Treatment Take?


One of the most common questions I hear from new patients is how long will it take to feel better? As much as I wish that there was one answer that I could give every patient, that’s simply not the case. Every patient heals at a different rate that depends on factors such as age, […]

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why see a chiropractor

The Real Reason To See A Chiropractor…

Most of the new patients come to us for all the wrong reasons. It’s not that we can’t help, it’s not even that their reason was illogical – it’s just usually the wrong reason. What do I mean? They come to us for pain – and only for pain. They’ve had persistent headaches for 10 […]

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three times per week

Why Go Three Times Per Week?

[Video] Dr. Cordova explains why chiropractors often schedule patients 3 times per week, especially at the beginning of their treatment plan.

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