Q & A With Fit4Mom

By Dr. Brandon Siegmund

June 14, 2018

Are you a mom or do you know any new moms out there who want to get into shape but struggle to find the time? I know that most moms are so busy tending to their little ones that they can never find the time to workout or get any form of exercise during the day.

If this is a struggle of yours or someone that you love then maybe Fit4Mom is the group for them. Fit4Mom is a program located in the West Houston/Galleria area where moms are able to get together, live healthier lives and interact with this who are going through the same struggles when it comes to fitness.

I asked Shannon with Fit4Mom some questions that should help you decide if this is the right program for you:

What is Fit4Mom?

Fit4Mom is the country’s largest pre/post-natal Fitness program for women in all stages of Motherhood.

Why would someone come here instead of a recreational gym like 24 Hour Fitness?

Fit4Mom offers a safe and non-judgmental community of women. A place where moms can workout together, create lasting friendships, seek advice all while bringing their kiddos along.

Who is your ideal client?

We specialize in motherhood so our idea clients are moms between the ages of 25-45.

Who would do well at Fit4Mom?

We pride ourselves in offering fitness for moms in all stages of Motherhood. Fit4baby is our prenatal Fitness class, where moms come to strengthen their body in preparation for labor/delivery and Motherhood. Stroller Strides/ Stroller Barre are geared for both the pre and post-natal Mom where she can come with her child and get a great full body workout. Body Back is our post-natal High Intensity Interval training program. This program is for moms who are ready to take their fitness to the next level. Body Back is a kid free program.

Who wouldn’t do well at Fit4Mom?

Fit4Mom is so much more than just a fitness program. A new mom is extremely vulnerable after birth and in need of socialization with other moms. We also offer “Our Village”, a community Playgroup. If you’re a mom and you’re not interested in the workout, you can still find a community of moms within “Our Village” by attending weekly Playgroups with your kids and Monthly Moms night outs.

What types of conditions do you encounter that get better by coming to Fit4mom?

Motherhood is not easy and it requires strength. We find that our moms, feel stronger both physically and mentally after attending our Fitness classes. Not only will you get a great full body workout but you get to be around other moms who are in the same season of life as you are.

What is the typical cost? Per session?

Fit4Mom offers a variety of memberships and passes but a typical cost per class is $3.00-$12.00.

What times and days are the classes held?

We offer Stroller Fitness classes 6 days a week from 9:30am-10:30am. We offer Body Back HIIT (no kids) twice a week (Tuesday/Thursday) at 5:30am.

What do clients typically wear to the class?

Clients should wear comfortable workout clothes, tennis shoes and bring a yoga mat or towel for floor work.

Do you recommend the client to eat or drink anything prior to, during or after class?

Prior to coming to class it is important to eat a healthy balanced breakfast.

Who would not enjoy coming to Fit4mom?

If you do not like the idea of working out outside with your kid in tow then this probably won’t be your favorite workout program. However, your first week of classes are FREE to try so why not come out a see what we are all about.

What is the message that Fit4mom is trying to spread to the general public?

We are dedicated to creating a safe, non-judgmental community for moms while helping them find their strength in Motherhood.

Looking for more information on Fit4Mom? Check out their website here: https://westhouston.fit4mom.com/

Dr. Brandon Siegmund

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