Five Ways You Can Participate In Spinal Health Month

By CORE Chiropractic

October 14, 2014

October is Spinal Health Month – a chiropractor’s favorite holiday! Our bodies do so much for us throughout the day, we need to treat it well! Your spine and nervous system control everything in your body, so keeping everything in tip top shape means a longer, healthier life.  Here are five ways that you can participate in Spinal Health Month…your body will thank you!

Get moving

Everyone knows exercise is good for them, but sometimes its easier said than done. A surefire way to stick to a regular exercise regimen is to make it fun. Just because running marathons or lifting weights are what someone else does, doesn’t mean its going to work for you. Pick something that you are interested in and you’re more likely to stick with it. Find walking or hiking trails around the area and discover local scenery, try a group fitness class, look into rock climbing lessons. Grab a friend to workout with, which makes it more fun and also holds you accountable to stick to plans.

Take a stand at work

Most people spend a majority of their day sitting. Between the daily commute, regular work time, and scheduled meetings, there doesn’t seem to be much time to stand up during the day. Look for any chance to move around during the work day. Take the long way to the restroom or water cooler, walk a few flights of stairs on a five minute break, take ten minutes before lunch to walk briskly around the block. Some companies will even install a standing work station, allowing either sitting or standing to balance out your day!

Check your sleeping materials

Considering we spend a third of our lives sleeping, the positions and materials we use to sleep can play a big factor in our spinal health. Especially if you wake up with more pain and stiffness in the morning, its usually a good idea to look at whats going on at night to determine what can be fixed. Changing your sleeping position can be a big start, most people don’t know that they way they are sleeping can damage to your spine without even trying. Other contributing factors can be the pillow or mattress support. For more details, check out my previous blog post here.

Schedule a massage

Who doesn’t need a massage? Most of the time when I prescribe a massage to my patients, they are happy to oblige. Computer posture and general stress can lead to a tight upper body, and repetitive sitting makes the low body stiff and painful. Most people view massage as a relaxing day at the spa, but muscles deserve TLC as well. Massage goes especially well with chiropractic care – if the muscles aren’t relaxed, the adjustments won’t hold as well and vice versa. Think of massage as another way to keep your body moving and healthy.

Visit your favorite chiropractor

Of course maintaining your spine with regular adjustments is a fabulous way to partake in Spinal Health Month. Chiropractic keeps your body in line and keeps your nervous system firing at its full potential. Whether you have pain or not, babies to elderly, spinal adjustments help your body move better and feel great as well!

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