Can A “Lunch And Learn” Workshop Improve Employee Morale, Reduce Your Healthcare Costs & Decrease Absenteeism?

Help your employees or group learn more about their health while having fun - at your location! Wellness programs have been shown to reduce healthcare costs, improve morale and loyalty, and decrease absenteeism. A "Lunch and Learn" workshop is a simple, no-cost yet effective way to get your program started. We schedule primarily in the Galleria-area of Houston and we provide lunch!

About Your Speaker

philip cordova chiropractor

In 2009, Dr. Cordova was named Best Houston Chiropractor by the Houston Press. His office, CORE Chiropractic, is one of Houston's top-rated chiropractic offices for their stellar care and high level of patient results.

He provides educational talks full of actionable information while entertaining and fun. His approach is common sense while sharing stories and new information that will help your group learn new information and find ways to implement it into their daily life.

A chiropractor since 1997, he is the co-author of the book "Posture Confidence," which he wrote with his wife and fellow chiropractor, Dr. Natalie Cordova. The book helps people learn how to fix bad posture and lead a healthier life.  He is an avid speaker, CrossFitter, runner, and father of three sons. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
We’ll come to your office or group meeting place during your employees’ normal lunch hour with boxed lunches for all who have signed up (we need a minimum of 5 people, and a maximum of 20). While they eat, we present about health and wellness to inform, entertain and help create a healthier workplace. The entire event will last just under an hour.

What if I’m not part of an office, but part of a group?
We will still buy you a free lunch! As long as you have a group of at least 5 people and a place for us to meet, you’re qualified!

Do you provide lunch?
Yes! We will bring boxed lunches for everyone, and will inquire about any dietary restrictions beforehand (vegetarian, gluten-free, etc).

How much does it cost for a Lunch & Learn event?
There's no charge for a Lunch & Learn event! It’s completely free to you and your guests, no strings attached. 

What’s the catch? Why do you do this?
There’s no catch. We simply want to provide you with as much value as possible. We also know that this gives our clinic great exposure throughout the community and ultimately helps us to share our message with more people. There’s no sales pitch at all.

When are the Lunch & Learn events scheduled?
We schedule on Wednesdays from 12pm – 1pm, over the lunch hour.

How long is the Lunch & Learn event?
The entire event will last just under an hour. We will arrive on time, provide a 30-minute presentation and then answer any follow up questions for about 15 minutes.

Are there any requirements for us?
The only requirements are to have some attendees at the event and a space for us to present. The more attendees the better, but your group promotion that this will be a fun event to attend will go a long way in making for a successful Lunch & Learn event.

What are the topics available?
We speak about "Better Posture, Better Health" -- which includes tips on improving posture, good workplace (and lifestyle) ergonomics, and stress management. 

Are you sure it's really free? Any hidden costs?
There's absolutely no charge or hidden costs for a Lunch & Learn event. You will not be billed, nor will we collect any funds for these events.

Ok, I’m in! How do I schedule a Lunch & Learn for my group?
Simply email us with a date you’re available. We’ll send you a sign-up sheet and flyer to hang/email to promote the event. Because of the popularity of our lunch workshop, spots typically fill up really fast, so be sure to set yours up ASAP.

I’ve got more questions before I schedule. Who do I talk to?
You may email us with questions, or call us at 713-622-3300 and ask for Ariana.