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So You Think You Know Pilates – Interview with Melinda Acosta from Body Manipulation

melinda acosta pilates“This past week I had the pleasure of meeting Melinda Acosta with Body Manipulation. While I’ve been a fan of Pilates as a concept, I have also seen great results with my patients (I’ve tried it a couple of times.)

Many patients have asked about Pilates over the years. I saw a great opportunity to get some questions answered and help us learn more. Melinda labeled her type of Pilates as “more like pre-pilates,” which seems like a great fit for beginners (which is most of you!). If you’ve ever considered taking a Pilates class, you know there are tons of options out there. This is a great chance to get a reasonably-priced session with someone used to dealing with beginners.

Here’s the interview:

How is Pilates different from yoga?

Primarily, they each have there own set of movements performed on the mat. While yoga repeats poses throughout the ‘flow”, Pilates moves from one movement to the next increasing in difficulty throughout the workout. The breath in yoga is used primarily for relaxation, whereas in Pilates, the breath is used for oxygenating the muscles and providing relaxation of the muscles while still creating energy throughout the body.

Pilates also pays more attention to the alignment and posture using precision and control of the movement. For this reason, Pilates can be used for rehabilitative purposes providing different exercises based on individual needs. Pilates also utilizes various equipment and props during a workout in order to achieve desired results based on the individual body.

How does Pilates compliment your chiropractic care?

The goal of chiropractic care as well as Pilates is optimal spinal health and range of motion without assistance of pain management treatments such as narcotics, shots or surgery. When neck, back, hip or any other pain sets in the body, the muscles in that area start to work inefficiently. Overcompensation of the wrong muscles becomes an issue requiring more effort needed in order to use the proper muscles of the affected area.

This leads to imbalances in the body of all sorts causing even more pain and discomfort. Pilates works every part of the body in order to bring balance to the muscles and overall posture reducing the risk of injury and healing already injured bodies.

Pilates also increases body awareness allowing the client to maintain better postural health. Chiropractors can manipulate the affected areas of the body, however, if proper Posture and muscular balance are not maintained, clients will continue to have recurring pain and discomfort. Clients can work with their chiropractor and Pilates teacher to form a plan of action for proper reconditioning of the body.

Who is the ideal client for Pilates?

Pilates is a great form of exercise for anyone. Whether looking to supplement your workout as a sole workout regiment, Pilates can help you achieve your goals if you make a commitment to the work. Many athletes, body builders, dancers as well as everyday people looking to obtain the benefits Pilates has to offer; flexibility, strength, stamina, coordination and balance. The pre-Pilates workout is great for people suffering from pain due to imbalances in the body. The key is to find a Pilates teacher qualified to work with your body and it’s strengths and limitations.

What is Body Manipulation? Tell us how you got started..

I, Melinda Acosta am Body Manipulation. Professionally trained in many methods of Pilates. Comprehensively certified using all techniques in order to bring results to clients in order to alleviate pain and restore balance to the body. With a background in dance, ballet, tap, jazz, Graham based modern, hip-hop, ballroom and contemporary as well as other techniques, the eye for the body in motion is well established.

In my studies at Alvin Ailey through the Fordham University dance program in 1997, I learned Pilates for the first time. I would later have to use the technique to alleviate my own pain. I decided after many years of living pain free that I wanted to help others live without the assistance of pain management options such as shots, narcotics and surgery to live the best quality of life possible. I still enjoy dancing, gardening and helping veterans with PTSD as a volunteer with Camp Hope.

What makes me unique?

Body Manipulation focuses on building a solid foundation of movement by creating space in the body to form the proper connections. By reprogramming the fascia of the body, clients will reprogram faulty movement patterns while building strength and flexibility. Every workout consists of stretching, isolation of muscle groups and full body movement.

All clients will start their journey at the beginning with pre-Pilates exercises focusing on the breath, pelvic floor and abdominals. From there, students will progress at their own pace with approval from the teacher. Proper form and attention to detail are paramount. Every client’s workout will be specifically made to fit their needs and goals. No two bodies or plans are alike.

Body Manipulation does not follow the “order” of many mainstream Plates studios, but instead emphasizes exercises that will help the client achieve maximum spine health and mobility. This method is safest for clients undergoing chiropractic treatment. The Pilates “classroom” environment is not conducive to the conditioning and restoration of a body in pain; therefore, Body Manipulation does not offer group classes.

How it works:

  • Clients are encouraged to attend at least two classes a week in order to get the benefits desired or needed.
  • Homework is encouraged. In some cases, tools will be recommended and available for practice at a minimal cost.
  • Clients will wear suitable clothing for viewing of the body with respect.
  • Clients can attend class at my location a mile north of Memorial City Mall or I can come to you.
  • All classes are 55 minutes long at a rate of $50 an hour at my location or $60 for traveling to your location.
  • There is an initial consultation of $25 for a 30-minute meeting.
  • The consultation in conjunction with your primary doctor’s recommendations will be the basis for a plan of action.
  • The consultation will require a postural analysis and a questionnaire regarding any injury and current or past physical activity.
  • All classes must be paid in advance with a twenty-four hour cancellation policy unless an emergency.
  • There are no contracts or memberships.

Here’s a video of Melinda in action:

You can visit her website to schedule your appointment, She prefers contact by phone at (832) 570-2036 so that you can discuss your goals and answer any questions.

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