Wellness Talks & Lunch And Learns In Houston

CORE Chiropractic and their doctors are health advocates for the Houston community. We've made it our goal to help as many people as possible hear about chiropractic care along with drug-free methods to get and stay healthy. We are happy to speak to your group or organization with a wellness talk or lunch and learn format.

"What Will You Talk About?"

Our most popular topics include how to improve posture, good ergonomic set up, and reducing stress. All three of these topics are delivered in an interesting, engaging, and entertaining way to help your group learn and come away with actionable steps to improve their health.

We have found that people learn best by doing and interacting, so our talks walk you through ways to make your health and your life better. We want all people to lead healthier lives, and that means giving them answering their questions and helping them take that next step towards better health.

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"Who Will Speak To Our Group?"

Our doctors are all engaging speakers who bring their own personality to any talk. You can certainly state your preference and we will do everything we can to accommodate your request. However, we think you'll be happy with any of our doctors and the message they'll share with your group.

You can help build morale, reduce absenteeism, and increase productivity with an empowered, healthier group. Lunch and learn talks are a great way to bring a positive message to your group. Having an outside expert deliver this message increases the likelihood that message will be heard and adopted.

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"How Much Does This Cost?"

While we could easily charge for these events, there is no cost to have one of our doctors speak at a lunch and learn. You may choose to provide lunch for your employees, but these are often "bring your own lunch" presentations.

We believe in "Public Service for Public Relations" and that what goes around comes around. Many people will choose to visit a chiropractor in their lifetime, and we want to be the choice for chiropractic care in Houston. That means if someone has a positive interaction with us, they will usually choose us when the need arises.

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