Why I Am Thankful For Car Accidents!

By CORE Chiropractic

November 11, 2014

Being thankful for car accidents might sound like a strange way to express gratitude, but that was the very thing that changed my life.

In 2007, I was rear ended on the interstate by a high schooler that was texting while driving. Besides the damage to my car, I was having neck pain and stiffness with intense headaches. One of my friends suggested that I see a chiropractor to help, and at this point in my life I hadn’t even heard of chiropractic. I started going in for treatments and started feeling better pretty quickly.

For the first time in my life, I wasn’t having headaches, which I had thought were normal. I even looked forward to going to my appointments! So naturally I wanted to know how I could help others through pain as much as I was being helped. I applied for chiropractic school, started the program 6 months later, and here I am today…a real, live chiropractor!

It has exposed me to more avenues of health and wellness than I had ever known!

Rewind back to my high school days.  Growing up I was always interested in health but never found anything that stuck. Hearing different influences from popular magazines on the latest fads, it was difficult to discern what was truth. I was even a vegetarian for a while because that is what I “heard” was healthy – that is hard to do living in Wisconsin where brats and cheese are staple foods!

Going through chiropractic school exposed me to avenues of health and wellness that I never knew existed. Learning about the biochemical processes of the body really shaped the way I look at food and nutrition. I no longer eat to satiate hunger, I eat nutrient dense foods that fuel my brain and my body. Getting regular chiropractic adjustments helps my brain function better, I literally feel like “power on!” after getting adjusted!

Chiropractic has helped my change my lifestyle.  Taking one step towards being healthy leads to other healthy choices because you want to reinforce those health behaviors. Adjustments and proper nutrition improve my exercise performance…when I’m exercising more I want to sleep more to help my body recover…and when I’m working out hard, I want to feed my body nutritious food and not snack on junk food.  It’s a circle of health!

Thanksgiving is a time to think about the things that you are thankful for. I am thankful for chiropractic because it truly has changed my life! I am a better person today, and can make educated decisions about my health…all from being in a car accident! Who knew it would be such a blessing in disguise?

What are you thankful for?

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