Chiropractic And Medical Care

chiropractic and medical careDo you wonder if different healthcare providers can or do work together? Can chiropractic and medical care work well together to give patients the best care possible?

We make referrals to medical care providers regularly and do receive referrals back as well. We’ve developed relationships with quality providers in our community to deliver a great experience for our patients.

While having lunch with a medical doctor one day, I was told “I really have no idea what you do.” That’s when it occurred to me that it was not really a medical care vs. chiropractic care debate, but rather a “here’s how we can both help our patients do better” discussion.

We know that we’re great at delivering chiropractic adjustments in an effective and efficient way. We are clear on our role and the types of patients that we want to treat and those that we know we can help. We have clear parameters on what “getting better” means and how quickly patients should start to notice changes in their condition.

If we’re the right place for them, great! If they need someone else to help them, we’ll do our best to direct them to a provider that we know, like, and trust. Sometimes, patients will begin a trial of chiropractic care and their results will not be quite up to our standards. This may mean that they need a referral to that provider to take over their treatment, or it may mean that we will co-treat the patient.

In this way chiropractic and medical care can work well together. We will send any relevant notes to the provider, and instructions to either evaluate and treat the patient, or to do an assessment and let us know their thoughts on the patient’s care.

We make referrals to orthopedic doctors, neurosurgeons, pain management specialists, podiatrists, massage therapists, physical therapists, Airrosti providers, acupuncturists, and even personal trainers. Our goal is make sure anyone trusting us with their health gets good results and positive changes to their life.

While we wish that chiropractic adjustments could fix any and all conditions, that’s just not the case. We are selective in the types of patients we will consider for care in our office. It’s your health and our reputation on the line – we want you to get better!