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Is Smoking Really Healthier Than Sitting All Day?

If you didn’t know, smoking is bad for you. Terrible. So, why is “Sitting is the New Smoking”? What does that even mean? Well, obviously smoking is bad for you. Recently there has been research that links sitting to diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s, dementia, […]

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How Does Improving Hip Rotation Help The Lower Back In Golf?

We have all heard the phrase “it’s all in the hips” when people talk about having a good swing and there is a ton of truth to it. In order to generate power and reduce the amount of pressure on the lower back, it is imperative to have mobile hips to allow for maximum internal […]

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Yoga2Gather: A Review & Interview with Rochelle

It was only about a year ago when I decided to try out YogaWorks. (You can read my review here). Overall, I was “meh” about yoga in general. It wasn’t as exciting as I wanted it to be and I just wasn’t having any fun. There was one class that I did enjoy, and at […]

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