Chiropractic Principles

chiropractic principlesChiropractic is more than just a therapy to help low back pain. It’s more than a way of recovering from injuries following a car accident. For many people, it’s a way of life. It’s a way to get and stay healthy. Some of the Chiropractic Principles are not as well-known or simply misunderstood.

While Chiropractic may lag behind in the large amounts of funds needed to fully finance a lot of research, many clinical case studies are offered showing the results of Chiropractic Principles. So what are they?

Your Body Has A Health Potential

You either believe that you were born to be sick or that you were born to be healthy. I believe we were born to be healthy. Evidence of this is every process that works without you thinking about it. You don’t have to remember to breathe, keep your heart beating, or digest your food. They just work.

It’s important to remember that our body’s goal is to work and function at its best when we’re making decisions about our health. The old saying of “a headache is not an aspirin deficiency” speaks volumes about how we look at our health. Instead of evaluating why we’re getting a headache, we often look to cover up the symptom and ignore our body telling us that something is wrong.

Your Nervous System Controls That Health Potential

The nervous system is the first system to form and it’s made up of the only cells in your body that never regenerate. The nervous system, often called the “master system,” controls everything in your entire body.

Interference To The Nervous System Decreases Your Health Potential

Chiropractors refer to nerve interference as a subluxation. This is a word that we’ve adopted. Technically, a subluxation means “less than a total dislocation.” Since vertebrae don’t dislocate (like a shoulder), they don’t subluxate. Our definition of this word is “a vertebra that has moved out of its normal position and is creating pressure on a nerve.”

It’s the pressure on the nerve, a disruption to the very biochemical life force to your body that is the issue with many people. Their body doesn’t work as it was intended, which leads to poor health. Since only 10% of the nerve fibers even carry pain information, pain is not a reliable symptom in determining if you’re healthy.

Remove The Interference And Watch The Body Heal Itself

The last of the Chiropractic Principles is the removal and/or the correction of the vertebral subluxation. This is where your Doctor of Chiropractic uses their hands (or an instrument) to move that bone back into place.

It’s the adjustment that is at the very foundation of any chiropractic care plan. It’s the adjustment that frees up the nerve interference and allows the body to heal itself. Seeing a chiropractor for pain relief is just the tip of the iceberg. Seeing a chiropractor regularly to help your body work as well as it should is essential for good health.