Chiropractic Treatments

chiropractic treatmentsIf you’re considering a visit to our office, you may wonder “What are chiropractic treatments, anyway?”

Even though chiropractors attend accredited Chiropractic Colleges, the focus of each college is a little different.

Some colleges are very focused on physical rehabilitation and others have a more philosophical base.

While nearly all chiropractors do some sort of spinal adjustment, how that adjustment is performed and the analysis behind which adjustment is performed can vary greatly.

In addition, some chiropractic treatments include physiotherapy modalities such as electrical stimulation or ultrasound in addition to the adjustment.

In our office, the focus is still on the chiropractic adjustment. We subscribe to Pareto’s Principle (also known as the 80/20 rule). This is that 80% of your results will come from 20% of your efforts. The adjustment is the 20% of the effort that gets 80% of the results.

While we may do some additional muscle work, it’s the adjustment that is front and center. If you are accepted as a patient in our office, you will get adjusted in some way.

That being said, treatments consist of a chiropractic adjustment along with any applicable therapies or treatments that we feel will improve the quality and speed of your results. We want you to get out of pain and on the road to good health as quickly as possible.

The therapies used most often in our office are ice, electric stimulation, mechanical traction, and some muscle work (which usually includes active stretching and manual therapy to alleviate tension or spasm).

Our chiropractic treatments are designed for efficiency in time spent (we don’t want you to have to spend all day at our office) and in speed of results (we want you to get better as quickly as possible). We also want to do everything we can to keep a problem from coming back if at all possible.

We will provide home care recommendations to help you make some of the changes you need to get lasting results. We offer a New Patient Orientation Class every Tuesday night to help teach you more things you can do on your own to speed up (or at least not slow down) your expected results.