Lifestyle And Nutritional Counseling

nutritional counselingIn our office, we strive to be a resource for our patients for all things healthy. We’ve had patients bring in “As Seen On TV” products for us to try out and we’re regularly asked about nutritional counseling.

While we are not the absolute authority on nutrition, all of the doctors in our office are striving towards improving their life by making steady changes to their lifestyle and daily habits.

It’s the combination of real world experience with the desire continue to get healthy that allows our chiropractors to continue to share the small changes you can make that will make a big difference in your life.

We won’t run blood tests or do a full work of your entire diet and what you need to eat or avoid eating. We are happy to refer out to other qualified specialists to spend that time with you. If, however, you’re wondering how a particular vitamin might help your condition, we’re happy to answer those types of questions.

Exercise is another big part of lifestyle and nutritional counseling. We’re not personal trainers, but we can give you tips on which exercise machines or programs will be a good fit for your condition. When starting up with exercise, you want to make sure you build up gradually and avoid exercise movements that may aggravate your condition. We’re happy to help with that.

When we make a recommendation, it’s for a provider, place, or product that we have either tried ourselves, or have had positive reports from patients. When we get positive reports, we’ll do our best to still go and meet the provider, investigate the location, or try out the product for ourselves.

When we give you a recommendation for something we’ve not tried personally, you’ll hear something more like, “I haven’t tried, but have been hearing good things from patients. They’ve said that this part was good and to avoid this part of it.” Otherwise, you’ll hear, “I’ve been going for years and love it. Here’s what you should know…”

Sound fair?

If you have questions about chiropractic care, obviously we’re your resource for all information related to chiropractic. If you have questions about nutrition and exercise, be sure to ask us about that too. We take a hands on approach to all referrals we provide and love sharing ways to get healthy with our patients.