Neck Pain Treatment

neck pain treatmentWith the increase of time spent in front of computers and using gadgets, neck pain treatment is one of the primary services offered at our office.

When this symptoms begins, patients seem to go through the same types of self-treatment before opting for chiropractic care. Patients will start with rubbing their neck or getting someone else to do a “massage” of sorts. They then move on to using some sort of over-the-counter medication before putting a heat pack or ointment that generates heat on their neck.

If this helps the symptoms to subside for a time, it may be months or even years before they decide to do something differently with their neck pain treatment. Some may try massage, but it often become necessary to begin chiropractic adjustments to make a lasting change.

In our office, we’ll start with a consultation, then an examination, followed by only the necessary x-rays. Chiropractic adjustments will be done to any misaligned vertebrae that could be contributing to the problem. If inflammation is present (it usually is), we will recommend you continue with your anti-inflammatory over-the-counter medications.

We may also recommend that you discontinue any “heat” treatments. This includes use of a heating pad, a moist heat pack, or any ointment that increases the temperature of the muscles. While this type of therapy may feel good on the muscles, it can increase swelling and inflammation in the spinal joints and discs. In these instances, ice will be the preferred method for alleviate pain, swelling, and inflammation.

Once we’ve determined that chiropractic care is the right choice for you, we’ll layout a treatment plan with a recommended number of visits in both frequency and number. This treatment plan will be designed to help you get out of pain as quickly as possible, and then help it stay that way. We may also work with your muscles doing muscle therapy, ice, electric stimulation, and traction.

If you do work at a computer all day, chances are neck pain will be a recurring problem unless you take some additional steps. We will recommend some posture exercises that you can do both at work (a seated program) and at home (one that requires some floor work). Improving your posture will generally go a long way in helping your head stay more directly over your spine and provide your postural muscles with the strength they need to support your daily activities.