The Chiropractic Profession

chiropractic health angelThe Chiropractic profession is filled with caring and dedicated professionals that strive daily to help patients get out of pain and live healthier lives without the use of drugs or surgery. The styles and techniques utilized are vast, and all have high levels of effectiveness.

The Doctors of Chiropractic could not be more diverse. Some chiropractors wear white coats, while others wear shorts and sandals to the office. Some offices focus on senior citizens, while others focus on athletes and still others have a large pediatric practice.

Some chiropractors got into the field as a good career choice, while others saw the healing potential of the human body and decided to dedicate themselves to an alternative to medical care. Many chiropractors are rebels, questioning how our health care is currently delivered and wondering how we can steer everyone back to less prescriptions and more natural means.

No one type of chiropractic care is right for everyone, so doing your homework and making sure you’re comfortable not just with your doctor, but with the type of treatment you will receive is key in helping your recovery.

How does CORE Chiropractic fit into the profession as a whole?

In general, our office is pretty traditional. We focus on the chiropractic adjustment as the primary way of helping patients get better. Any physical rehabilitation that may be needed, or any significant follow up muscle work is referred out. We do provide some additional physiotherapy modalities, including electric stimulation and mechanical traction. We will do some stretching and some muscle work, but we will have you do additional exercises at home on your own.

We strive to be your source for all things healthy. It’s not uncommon for us to give our two cents on healthier ways to eat and exercise. We’ll provide foam rolling tips and demonstrate exercises and stretches during your visits. We don’t make any recommendations on products or services that we don’t know anything about. In most cases, the treatments and devices we recommend will be tried personally by one of our doctors before any recommendations are made.

If we haven’t tried it ourselves, we’ll let you know exactly that. “I haven’t tried this, but it came highly recommended by someone I trust.” We try out everything we can to make sure it works, but also to be able to give you an insider view on things to expect. If the recommended treatment might be painful or expensive, we want you to know that in advance and let it factor into your decision-making about your health.

Since the beginning of Chiropractic in 1895, there have been many changes and improvements. Chiropractors are on all insurance plans and it’s not uncommon to see chiropractors helping sports teams and athletes perform at the highest levels. Not all providers have the same philosophies, but we are all interested in helping our patients lead healthier lives.