When To See A Chiropractor

when to see a chiropractorThe two most common reasons why people think they should visit a chiropractor? Back pain or after a car accident.

While both a good reasons to see a chiropractor, there’s so many other conditions that can be helped with a chiropractic adjustment as well as overall health benefits that require no symptom at all.

After A Trauma

Following a car accident, your spine is very likely out of alignment. It’s the same for any trauma.

A fall of a bike, a slip and fall injury, or any thing that may happen to you where you feel your spine is impacted. You could argue that just being born was a trauma, often resulting in the first spinal misalignment.

When Dealing With A Build Of Activities

In reality, most spinal “traumas” are small and simple. They seem like no big deal because if you just did them once, they would be no big deal. However, when something like your bad posture sitting at the computer starts become your “normal” posture, problems start to set in. You may spend as much as 200 hours per month in that hunched over posture. And that’s just at your computer!

You hold the same position when sitting in your car, eating, and checking your phone. When I walk into the adjusting room to care for a patient, at least half the time I walk into someone hunched over checking their phone. They will have bad posture forever! (That’s not our goal for you.)

Evaluate your daily activities to determine where your little problems are and how they are building up. Modify what you can and then exercise the rest. Spend too much time sitting? Choose some alternate activities to help you get moving. The adjustments will help get your spine back into place and moving again, and the additional activities will help them stay that way.

Just For Better Health

It doesn’t happen nearly enough, but we do get patients that come into our office with no pain at all. Not even a single symptom. They are there simply because “chiropractic just made sense.” They realized that their nervous system is the most powerful system in the body, made up of nerves that control everything and cells that don’t regenerate. That keeping their nerves working at 100% means better health.

We still evaluate them like any other patient. We are still looking for areas of the spine that aren’t working like they should. We will still adjust the areas we find that need an adjustment. The only difference will be that they can skip over the “get me out of pain” phase and go straight into the “help my spine be healthy” phase.

Every single person with a spine (that’s everyone) needs to be checked by a chiropractor. Our office evaluates every patient for their situation and condition. No cookie-cutter plans at our office. We won’t do any more adjustments for you than are absolutely necessary to help your spine work the way it should.

When should you visit a chiropractor? Any time you want your spine and your nerves to work better. You can come see us following a car accident, or when you’re dealing with headaches, neck or back pain. You can also just get checked out see how your spine is working and get it working even better.