Are You Interested In Being An Associate At CORE Chiropractic?


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Why Work at CORE Chiropractic?

  • We train! You've learned how to be a chiropractor, but there's so much more to learn in order to help you reach your potential in practice.
  • Do you want to eventually own your own office? We can help get you there! Learn the business of chiropractic - not just how to adjust people.
  • Working in a multi-doctor office means you can take a vacation and not lose your patients! We also offer health insurance benefits.
  • We see lots of new patients and that means you'll be able to grow your practice quickly, helping you earn a good income because you benefit from a thriving and growing practice.

Hear From Our Great Team Of Associate Chiropractors...

Dr. Kevin Wafer

​Dr. Brandon Siegmund

​Dr. Bryen Brown

Our Invitation and Challenge

If you become part of CORE Chiropractic, we want you to become part of our team dedicated to health and excellence. We expect everyone working side by side with us to be dedicated, creative, and interested in our growth as a team, clinic system and force for health. This isn't a job for people not interested in professional and personal growth.

More About The Job...

The cornerstone of a great CORE chiropractic DC is their diagnostic and adjusting skills, attitude, care for their patients, and accuracy and efficiency in their work. These qualities make the difference in our doctors and our patients' results. We don't expect you to be perfect when you start, but we do expect that you'll continue to improve. Your attention to improving will make all the difference in your future success.

CORE Chiropractic strives to develop win-win relationships that allow an associate DC to grow, learn and to benefit from their hard work. If your practice grows, our practice grows, and that's a great scenario for both of us. We don't want to see you struggle hoping to grow, we want to see you thrive and grow as soon as possible.

We help patients from an acute onset of symptoms through their resolution and into a life long routine of chiropractic care. We enjoy treating families and encouraging maintenance care that is right for everyone. We have a strong philosophy focused on the subluxation and removing it to encourage the body to work as it is designed. We seek to find the underlying health problems of every patient. When we find that their problem is consistent with the subluxation, we go right to work on correcting and supporting the spine. Our care is based on the adjustment. We strive to be efficient and effective and rely minimally on therapy. We are not considered a multi-discipline practice, nor do we see third-party personal injury patients or Worker's Compensation. 

Do You Have To Learn Marketing?

In addition to treating patients, the associate is required to bring in their own patients. The associate doctor will develop and seek out areas of marketing such as spinal screenings, health talks such as lunch and learns, and the NPOC (New Patient Orientation Class). The NPOCs are done weekly. Marketing efforts are done by the associate doctor in between seeing the patients. Thus time management is essential. It is essential that the DC is able and willing to market to the community to be able to build his/her practice. This is not a punishment, but rather a way of making sure you develop to the point that you can successfully develop and run your own practice in the future. This is a skill you must learn if you want to be successful.

The associate doctor will see the patient from the beginning to the end. They will learn scripts that reflect the values of CORE so that that each patient will have a very similar experience, yet tailored to their specific problem. The associate doctor will do the consultation, examination, x-rays, chiropractic adjustments and therapy. We hope your initial goal will be to efficiently and effectively treat 100 patient visits per week within six months. This is work, but a completely reasonable goal in our system.

Front desk duties are also expected to be learned so that when there is a need, all office personal can help each other. The associate doctor is at the office during office hours, 15 minutes before the first patient and 15 minutes after the last patient. There is flexibility to leave during the day to do marketing. Saturday office hours and/ or spinal screenings on Saturday are a regular occurrence. An average of 45-50hrs of focused, high energy chiropractic care and marketing per week is realistic for the associate doctor at CORE.

Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for a leader; a leader who will lead the sick to good health; a leader that will add value to the office and will be a benefit to us as much as we can benefit you. We discourage someone who just wants a “job." This isn't a place to just punch the clock. This is a place to learn, grow, be successful, and get ready for future practice success. 

Does this sound like the right fit for you? If so, please send us your CV and let's schedule an interview!

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