Cigna Chiropractor Houston

"Do You Accept Cigna? How Much Chiropractic Care Will They Cover?"

This is the most common question we hear in our office when a new patient wants to use their health insurance, but one that is impossible to answer without your actual insurance information.


Your deductible is the amount you must pay to any of your healthcare providers before your insurance actually kicks in to contribute payment. This varies from plan to plan. If you've visited any healthcare providers prior to visiting our office, some or all of your deductible may have already been met.

We will be able to determine how much your deductible has been met and how long it will take to meet it once we've evaluated your individual insurance plan.


The co-pay is the easiest to understand when it comes to insurance. Your co-pay will again depend on your insurance plan, but this information is often printed on your benefits card. You may see a primary physician co-pay and a specialist co-pay. Chiropractors are typically listed a specialist in your insurance plan.


If you do have a deductible, your insurance company may also pay a percentage of your healthcare services. Sometimes, they pay 100% after you've met your deductible (usually this is only when your deductible is very high). More typically, they will pay 80 or 70%, with you to pay the remaining percentage.

Limitations In Your Chiropractic Coverage

Your Cigna plan may also include some limitations or restrictions with regard to your chiropractic care. This may include a limit to the total number of visits you can see your chiropractor, or a limit as to how much they will pay for chiropractic services. We will be able to verify all of this when we contact them for your benefit information.

"Will My Insurance Help At All?"

Absolutely! You've paid your premiums and you should get some coverage from Cigna for chiropractic care. Most plans do have some chiropractic coverage. If for some reason your plan is limited or it's cheaper for you to not go through insurance, we have affordable payment options.

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If we can't we'll let you know that too - and then give you recommendations on the next steps to take.

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Will Your Cigna Plan Cover Care?

You can certainly contact your health insurance company to verify all of your eligible benefits, or we can check for you.

Most plans have some chiropractic coverage, but your financial responsibility will vary based on deductible, co-pay, or percentage of your particular plan.