COVID-19 Policy

The CORE Chiropractic COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Policy

Chiropractic has been deemed an essential business because pain does not stop during a pandemic. Even more importantly, by offering an alternative to an emergency room visit, we are keeping hospitals clear and our patients away from exposure to sick patients.

Unfortunately, maintaining social distancing between doctor and patient is particularly challenging with chiropractic care. We have implemented the following procedures and our office building also has additional safety precautions in place.

For our employees:

All employees have been instructed to not come to work should they feel sick, fever, or if a member of their household is expressing symptoms.

All employees are having their temperature checked before starting work for the day and will be sent home if they have an elevated temperature.

All employees are sanitizing their hands before starting work and between patients. Computers are being sanitized if an employee changes work stations.

All employees, including our doctors, are wearing masks at all times during patient care and interaction and are only removing their masks to eat, drink, or when they can maintain safe distancing.

For our patients:

All patients are strongly encouraged to wear a mask in the building and in our office. In areas where therapy is in a group around other patients, masks will be required. Masks will not be required in the private treatment rooms. Masks are available at the front desk and will be provided if you do not have one.

We ask that our patients do not bring any unnecessary guests to their visit.

Hand sanitizer is provided in the treatment rooms and at multiple locations around our office for patient use.

Patients are asked not to come in for their appointments should they feel sick, have fever, are expressing COVID symptoms, or have been exposed to someone that has any of these symptoms.

Adjusting tables, and all surfaces that have been touched by patients are cleaned and sanitized after each patient visit.

We have reduced capacity in our spinal decompression area to allow for social distancing measures.

​In our building:

Masks are required in the building.

Elevators have reduced capacity and are limited to you plus 1 additional passenger.

Hand sanitizer is available in the lobby.

Restrooms have reduced capacity.

Stairwells have been designated as an “up” stairwell or a “down” stairwell to minimize coming into contact with other people in the building.

Link to Harris County’s information about COVID-19

Link to CDC information about COVIC-19