Dr. Trevor Hurtig

Dr. Trevor Hurtig was born and raised in Brenham. After attending Blinn College he spent 10 years in hospitality working in hotels with a focus on valet, as well as coaching CrossFit for many years. He wanted to make a larger impact in people's lives and decided to enroll in Parker University and graduated in 2021.

Growing up Dr. Hurtig was surrounded by chiropractors as he is the fourth chiropractor in his family to attend Parker University. During chiropractic college he continued to work in hospitality and valet on the weekends as cars are one of his passions. Dr. Hurtig also earned a Masters in Functional Nutrition while at Parker University and has a large passion for cooking. 

“My passion for practices comes from the interaction with my patients. I love the ability to meet people where they are and guide and support them into a healthier lifestyle’.

In his spare time he enjoys time with friends and family, traveling, hiking, paddle boarding, and cooking. 

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Core Chiropractic is hands down one of the best places I’ve been to. I suffer from hip pain and I always feel better when I leave there. Shout out to the front desk staff for being welcoming and for the doctors knowledge behind what they are practicing! 10/10!

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All the doctor's at Core Chiropractic are amazing! They are very knowledgeable, professional, and genuinely care about you as a patient and your specific needs. They provide plenty of tools and resources to include into your day-to-day routine and tailor a plan that's right for you! If you ever considered chiropractic therapy, you are in great hands at Core Chiropractic!

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