How Chiropractic Care Improves CrossFit Performance

By CORE Chiropractic

August 12, 2014

CrossFit is a sport that has grown tremendously in popularity in the last few years. CrossFit is a fitness program that optimizes ones overall work capacity by using workouts that challenge every aspect of function. CrossFit is well known as constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity.

I have been doing CrossFit for 2 years, and have increasingly realized the importance of proper body mechanics. Furthermore, CrossFit atheletes understand that the proper training and improved performance requires a well rounded balance of  intense work, eating clean, and recovery. Recovery should include elements of sleep, rest days, and regular physical care such as mobility, soft tissue work, and chiropractic.

Yes, exercising is benefiting your body, but you also need to address the muscles, joints, and nerves that are being used during workouts. Taking proper care of the machine that keeps you moving will allow you to function longer and more efficiently. If your body is not balanced, your muscles may not be firing properly, which makes you prone to poor performance and possibly injury.

Take for instance your car. Regular maintenance requires oil changes and rotating your tires, so why wouldn’t you take similar care of your body? Chiropractic care balances the body, making sure everything is firing correctly, which improves function inside and outside of the gym.

For my patients, I recommend a balance of chiropractic care, massage, staying on top of hydration and eating clean, and adequate sleep for recovery. Chiropractic aligns the spine. Massage helps to balance the muscles and decrease inflammation. Muscle work and mobility help to maintain range of motion. Hydration is critical before and after workouts. Sleep is the best for growth hormones and repair. So do your body a favor and provide a well rounded routine to keep everything tuned up!

Additionally, CrossFitters experiencing frequent low back pain tend to have issues with diminished disc space. Non-surgical decompression therapy works wonders in restoring loss of disc height. Anyone doing heavy back squats will appreciate having some of the cushioning back to the spine. 

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