Meet Your Chiropractic Team at CORE Chiropractic


Dr. Natalie Cordova

I was told it was “just a phase” I was going through. I would get pain and numbness that ran down my right leg every time I’d get on a bicycle. I just didn’t make sense! After an examination with a chiropractor, I understood the problem. I received a few chiropractic adjustments and the pain was gone! I knew then that I wanted to touch the lives of others in this same way, so I set out to become a chiropractor.

natalie cordova houston chiropractor
Dr. Philip Cordova

Dr. Philip V. Cordova was born and raised in Glendale, Arizona (a suburb of Phoenix). He was involved in martial arts by the age of 8. Active in Kenpo Karate until about the age of 19, Dr. Cordova achieved his black belt and won multiple tournaments and trophies at various age levels. After injuring his back at the age of 13, Dr. Cordova’s father took him to see a chiropractor. Dr. Cordova had no idea what a chiropractor did or even how this doctor could possibly help him with his back pain.

Dr. Brandon Siegmund

Dr. Brandon Siegmund was born and raised outside of Fort Worth. After he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Texas at Austin in 2006, Dr. Siegmund performed clinical research at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Siegmund’s interactions with patients during his clinical research at MD Anderson led to a desire to enter a field that enabled him to provide long-term relief to patients as well as educate patients on overall wellness.

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Dr. Bryen Brown

Dr. Bryen Brown is married to Dawn and has one son. He grew up in Bogalusa, LA and received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Grambling State University in 2008. He then attended and graduated from Texas Chiropractic College in 2012. During chiropractic college, he was able to do a rotation at the Veteran’s Hospital in Temple, Texas. “There I had the privilege to work with our Country’s heroes in the Armed Forces.”

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Dr. Miguel Millan

Dr. Miguel Millan was born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. He was afforded the opportunity to travel extensively as a young boy which allowed him to become bilingual fairly early in life. Additionally, Dr. Millan was able to cultivate interest in many areas including healthcare.

dr millan
Ariana - Billing Coordinator

Ariana grew up in Round Rock, Texas and is married to her high school sweetheart. She enjoys scrapbooking, dancing, and taking walks with her husband. “Chiropractic care helps reduce pain so people can enjoy doing activities that used to be painful. It’s great to be able to see the patient’s happiness and confidence as they being to feel better. The staff is very friendly and it’s a relaxing atmosphere.”

ariana chiropractic assistant
Laura - Lead Chiropractic Assistant

Laura grew up in Houston and has a boyfriend, a son, and an adorable dog named Wyatt that's half border collie, half dachshund. "I love helping people feel better and play a part in their recovery. I love the office because of the staff, the patients, and the organization and flow." She enjoys family time, music, concerts, reality TV, days by the pool and watching the Astros and Rockets play!

laura chiropractic assistant
Crystal - Chiropractic Assistant

Crystal grew up in Yazoo, Mississippi and is engaged to Zach. She enjoys cooking, working out, and hunting. "I love Chiropractic because it's a safe and natural approach to healing. I have also benefited tremendously from it. Everyone is so kind around the office, as well as the patients."

Crystal CA
Erin - Chiropractic Assistant

Erin grew up in Cypress and has a daughter (Aribella) and a cat. She enjoys yoga, cooking, and finding new TV shows with her hubby. "I love Chiropractic because being able to help people feel better and get well without turning to medicine first is so awesome and rewarding. Our office has such a friendly environment - the patients and the staff."

Erin CA
Emily - Chiropractic Assistant

Emily grew up in San Antonio and has 2 dogs. She moved to Houston to attend school. She enjoys CrossFit, swimming, cooking, reading, and camping. Emily is a Biology major in hopes of going into plastic surgery. "The results with Chiropractic are fast and noticeable almost instantly. One adjustment helped me with my frequent headaches! My favorite thing about the office is seeing and greeting returning patients. I love the journey and seeing the progress they are making to become pain free!"

Emily CA
Jessie - Chiropractic Assistant

Jessie grew up in Palm Beach, FL and recently moved to Houston with her fiance and her dog. "I love chiropractic because of the holistic approach. My favorite thing about CORE is how they care about health from the inside/out." She enjoys swimming, bicycling, going to the beach, and spending time with her family. 

Vanessa - Chiropractic Assistant

Vanessa is a Houston native and is a huge animal lover. "I love Chiropractic because it's a safe and natural way to get people feeling better. CORE has such positive energy, you can tell we really make a difference in people's lives. She also enjoys working out, swimming, basketball, and make up. 

vanessa ca
Jared - Chiropractic Assistant

Jared grew up in Houston and loves lacrosse, working out, and art. "Chiropractic has been a part of my life since I was born. As I've grown up, I've become more interested in it and now that's what I want to do when I graduate." Jared will be attending Texas A&M in the Fall to attain a degree in Kinesiology before going on to Chiropractic College. 

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