Anthrodesk Review: Standing Desk Converter

By Dr. Philip Cordova

March 19, 2020

I’ve been looking for a standing desk converter for my home office set up. I’ve already updated as much of my home office as possible with a laptop stand and a separate keyboard and mouse. However, I know there’s definite benefit to standing more than you sit, and the Mayo Clinic agrees.

I wasn’t 100% convinced I would need to buy an entirely new desk and was kind of hoping I wouldn’t need to. (What was I supposed to do with my old desk?) I found the Anthrodesk and decided at $130 – $180, it was a reasonable risk. Assembly was easy. I basically had to cut off a couple of zip ties and add in the keyboard shelf.

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Once I had my Anthrodesk set up…

Once I had it set up, I did find that my monitor was a bit too wobbly. I had noticed this to be a problem with my old desk set up, but it was more pronounced when I added a standing version and was placing more of my body weight on the keyboard shelf. I purchased a monitor arm to add to the desk, and that did the trick.

I was excited to work from home and get a lot done. I do use a laptop stand at the office, but I do move around a bit and hadn’t spent hours in a standing position trying to get work done. It wasn’t my back that got tired, it was my feet! Some of my patients mentioned that they don’t like to work in heels with their standing desk and have found using a standing desk mat has worked wonders. I completely agree. The small mat made a big difference, increasing the amount of time I could spend standing to hours without a problem.

It’s still important to have good posture…

It’s still important to maintain good computer posture while using a standing desk. You can still spend your time hunched over in bad posture and not get all the benefits of a standing desk if you don’t set it up correctly. The rule of thumb is to have your eyes in the middle of your screen, or to to feel like you’re “looking over your neighbor’s fence” to see the top of your monitor.

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