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I was told it was “just a phase” I was going through.

I would get pain and numbness that ran down my right leg every time I’d get on a bicycle. I just didn’t make sense! After an examination with a chiropractor, I understood the problem.

I received a few chiropractic adjustments and the pain was gone! I knew then that I wanted to touch the lives of others in this same way, so I set out to become a chiropractor.

I did my research of the different chiropractic colleges all over the country and finally settled on Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas. I was surprised at the intensity of study that was demanded of us. My class was made up of approximately 130 students.

We went to classes and labs 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, year round for 3 consecutive years. I learned about the body from the microcellular level and embryology as well as anatomy and how to perform chiropractic adjustments.

Since graduating in January of 1997, I have adjusted newborns up to adults in their 90s! I enjoy the diversity of Houston and the array of cultures I am able to serve. What seems to dominate in my practice is patients with “rounded shoulder syndrome.” Many engineers, CPAs, and computer programmers (to name just a few) seek me out because of their poor posture and the repetitive nature of sitting at the computer for 6, 8, 15+ hours per day! Headaches, neck tension, shoulder restriction, and carpal tunnel syndrome are directly linked to working at the computer. Indirectly related are the negative effects on the low back.

It’s common to see low back pain, bulging discs, and sciatica (pain down the leg, just like what I had) from sitting for so many hours. Because of this group of people with similar symptoms, I have developed special techniques that I do in the office and exercises that can be done at home.

I met my husband in chiropractic college, we married the day after graduation! Dr. Philip Cordova and I have three energetic boys that keep us very busy. We are very active in their lacrosse activities. We now have one son at the University of Texas and another at Texas A&M. 

My approach to health doesn’t stop at the office. Not only are my boys physically active, but I enjoy running, CrossFit and cycling. Every member of our family gets adjusted regularly (no excuses when 2 chiropractors live in the house!). Our boys were all checked within hours of being born. Our youngest was born with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck 4 times! I can’t imagine what problems we’ve avoided by correcting his neck so quickly.

In 2022, Drs. Philip and Natalie Cordova co-authored the book "Better Posture Fast: How To Finally End Chronic Neck And Back Pain" which went on to become an Amazon Bestseller in several categories. 

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I had a series of treatments at Core several years ago, and am so grateful to have found Natalie when I needed her. I chose to avoid the invasive procedures that my medical doctor was suggesting. When my treatments were over, the functionality of my shoulder was not only as good as it was before the injury, it was better than it had been in years! Dr. Natalie is a natural healer, and the rest of the staff is courteous and enjoyable to interact with. I felt genuinely cared for, and the prices are not as high as some other chiropractic offices.

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Dr. Natalie Cordova and her team at CORE have been fabulous. My hand pain was 90% gone after my first appointment, and every suggestion and resource has just added to my healing process. As a self-employed person, the entire staff has also bent over backwards to make it work for me to have care within the limits of my insurance coverage. I encourage anyone looking for chiropractic to make an appointment with CORE.

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