May 10

From Doubter to True Believer: Stephenie’s Story

“The first time I came in to see Doctor Cordova, he asked me what I thought about chiropractors, and I was kind of honest with him and I told him that I thought they were quacks. I thought that they would only fix you for a temporary time until you had to keep coming back again and again.

I was having a lot of upper neck and back pain. At the very end of the visit he had said, “Is there any other problems that you have?” And I said, “Well, I also have frequent migraines, but there’s probably nothing you can do about that.” But I think that the moment that I felt it was actually starting to work was after my first visit, when I was feeling a little bit better and I hadn’t felt better in a while, and I was noticing I had a little less migraines.

Now that I don’t have them, it’s just like this weight’s been lifted. I feel like I’m a better mother, a better employee at work. I am a true believer now in chiropractors, but in Core Chiropractic as well, just because I know that I feel comfortable. They know what they’re doing and they have really improved my quality of life.”


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