Top 3 Chiropractic Myths Debunked!

By Dr. Philip Cordova

October 14, 2019

Let’s face it, there is a lot of misinformation out there about chiropractic care. Whether you know someone who had a bad experience, or your doctor keeps “warning” you about chiropractic care, there are three common myths that prevent people from making the call to CORE Chiropractic and ultimately feeling better.

MYTH #1: Chiropractors aren’t “real” doctors.

This is one of our favorite myths to dispel.

Most people don’t realize that to become a DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) you must complete an undergraduate degree, taking many of the same classes you would take to become an MD.

Then, you must apply for and be accepted to one of several competitive doctoral programs where you complete four more years of education. Then, once you graduate, you must pass a state licensure exam before you can begin practicing.

Chiropractors also have a governing body in the American Chiropractic Association that is committed to studying chiropractic methods. They not only regulate the licensing in each state, but they also keep chiropractors abreast of best practices.

MYTH #2: Chiropractors don’t use diagnostic tools. 

Many of our patients are surprised to see us use x-rays, ultrasound and other diagnostic tools to uncover underlying structural problems.

These tools help us see bones, tendons, ligaments, discs, and muscles so we can offer the best possible diagnosis and treatment plan to each patient. We also perform several functional tests to see how your body moves. This gives us more information on the points where you experience pain, how you may be moving (or not moving as the case may be) and how your body has adjusted to the pain you are experiencing.

Once we have gathered all of this information, we can give you an accurate diagnosis as well as a treatment plan that will address not only your discomfort but the underlying cause of your pain as well.

Rather than simply prescribing a pill that could cause dependency or a regimen designed to help you “wait and see”, we can offer real solutions aimed at improving the way your body moves and functions.

MYTH #3: Chiropractors can only crack your back.

Manual adjustment, the traditional therapy that often results in the “crack” you hear is just one of the tools a chiropractor has in their arsenal.

While adjusting the spine is a vital part of what we do to increase your ability to move and your body’s ability to effectively send and receive signals, it is not the only therapy we offer.

At CORE Chiropractic, we offer a variety of adjustment techniques as well as other advanced therapies aimed at enhancing your life and eliminating your pain. Our spinal decompression therapy is designed to increase the space between your vertebrae, allowing slipped and damaged discs to return to their proper position and heal without surgery.

Curious about chiropractic care?

Still skeptical or have we debunked these chiropractic myths?

Call or schedule online for a consultation and find out for yourself the truth about chiropractic!

Dr. Philip Cordova

About the author

Dr. Philip Cordova is a chiropractor in Houston, Texas. He grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and decided to become a chiropractor after hurting his back as a teenager and getting help from chiropractic care. He is speaker on health & posture. Click Here To Read His Full Bio

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