What If You Knew You Would Live To Be 100?

By Dr. Philip Cordova

January 21, 2015

100 yearsWhat if you knew you were going to live to be 100 years old? Would you make different choices for your health? Living to be 100 doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to move or function.

That’s the challenge behind the 100 Year Lifestyle. In our office, we are always reading a book as a group to either improve our performance in the office or improve our health.

We’ve read some great books in the past and this book came highly recommended. If you think you might be interested in reading it too, join us! We’ll be reading just one chapter per week, starting this week. Your doctor will be happy to answer any questions you might have as they come up.

Improving your health takes effort on your part, but most people just aren’t sure what to do. It can be overwhelming at first. This book covers a lot of territory in a common sense way. Written by a chiropractor, you can be sure that getting adjusted is a part of living healthy to 100 years old – but there are a lot of other factors.

It’s 2015 and nearly every patient I asked said they “didn’t do New Year’s resolutions.” The primary reason? “I always break them anyway.” Even if you don’t want to commit to everyone that you want to lose weight, gain weight, stop smoking, eat healthier, exercise more, get back to the gym, or whatever… we hope that you are still always on the lookout for ways to be healthier.

I’ve hear this more applied to employees – “What if we invest in their training and education and then they leave?” “What happens if you don’t and they stay?” The same idea can be applied to your health. “What happens if I do all of these healthy things and die early anyway?” What happens if you don’t do healthy things for yourself and live a long time? How much more quality of life would you enjoy if you had made it your goal to keep making healthy improvements for yourself?

Don’t give up! Keep striving for better health! We are here to answer questions and support you in any way we can.

Dr. Philip Cordova

About the author

Dr. Philip Cordova is a chiropractor in Houston, Texas. He grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and decided to become a chiropractor after hurting his back as a teenager and getting help from chiropractic care. He is speaker on health & posture. Click Here To Read His Full Bio

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