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CORE Chiropractic strives to be the #1 choice for chiropractic care in Houston, Texas. We know that chiropractic is for people of all ages, is essential for good health, and we want to make a positive difference in the lives of our patients.

Proud member of the following organizations:

Texas Chiropractic Association
international chiropractors association
American Chiropractic Association

Houstonians seeking a chiropractic care clinic should consider CORE Chiropractic

Our patients benefit from chiropractors that first perform an examination and any necessary x-rays before beginning a treatment plan. While many people believe they just need a "crack" and their problem will be "fixed," CORE strives to be a chiropractic care clinic that is the best option for people suffering from chronic neck and back pain.

CORE Chiropractic offers a variety of services to help you get the most from your care and provide the fastest relief possible. In addition to our personalized chiropractic plans, we provide spinal decompression therapy, cervical decompression therapy, and PEMF therapy.

One service that sets us apart from any other chiropractic care clinic in Houston is our leg length discrepancy evaluation. We have found that looking for anatomically short legs and correcting it with a simple heel lift can make all the difference in the long-term results you can expect from your care.

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The most reviewed chiropractic care clinic

We work hard to maintain the best reputation for chiropractic care in Houston. We stay on-time with patient appointments, offer online scheduling, in office x-ray services, and a team of chiropractors that continue to train to improve procedures and skill.

We expect our patients to see fast and lasting results from the care they receive in our office. We provide specific exercises to help with the area of pain and to improve posture. If we sound like the chiropractic care clinic you're looking for, schedule a new patient appointment today.

We are in-network providers for Medicare, Aetna, Cigna (ASHN), Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, United Healthcare (ACN), Private Healthcare Systems (PHCS), and Memorial Hermann.