Can A Chiropractor Fix Bad Posture?

By Dr. Philip Cordova

March 28, 2024

Can a chiropractor fix bad posture, or is something more invasive needed? Less than half of people surveyed in the United States expressed concern regarding poor posture and its potential health effects. Given the prevalence of poor posture, this figure will likely only continue to grow. It’s possible people don’t realize how much of their health can be affected, leading to the low interest. It’s also likely that many have tried to make changes and not seen much of a difference.

The reality is that posture affects overall health, not solely back health. Considering the widespread occurrence of “text neck,” posture warrants greater attention. Patients regularly do searches for posture correctors, supports, stretches, and exercises to help make the change. However, bad posture continues to be a problem for many.

If you’re troubled by your posture and want some guidance on correction, chiropractic care offers solutions.

The Importance of Posture And Your Health

Posture refers to how we hold our bodies while standing, sitting, or lying down, indicating a neutral spinal position. Aside from reducing general pain discomfort, good posture alleviates stress on ligaments, prevents muscle strain, reduces joint wear, and maintains proper alignment. Consequently, it promotes overall health by reducing stress on the spine and, consequently, the body.

Research indicates that poor posture may exacerbate depression and mental stress, impact confidence levels, diminish self-esteem, and impede digestion. Since chiropractors are the leading experts in caring for your spine, it makes sense to see a chiropractor to change your bad posture.

Given its far-reaching effects, improving poor posture should be a priority for those striving for a healthy lifestyle.

chiropractor fix bad posture

Indicators of Bad Posture

Identifying poor posture can be challenging without understanding what constitutes good posture. While you may feel headaches at the back of your head, neck tension, burning between the shoulder blades, or low back pain, you may not always realize these are linked to your daily spinal position.

Take a minute, step in front of a mirror, and evaluate your own posture:

  • Head tilts to one side
  • Downward facing head
  • Uneven shoulders
  • Forward or rounded shoulders
  • Rounded upper back
  • Hips uneven

Observing any of these indicators suggests poor posture. Poor posture can stem from various factors such as obesity, stress, pregnancy, high-heeled shoes, weak postural muscles, tight muscles, medical conditions, genetics, inactivity, and more.

Given its potential long-term consequences on spinal integrity and the nervous system, correcting poor posture is crucial. So what should you do about it?

How Can A Chiropractor Fix Bad Posture?

Chiropractors fix bad posture by applying targeted pressure to specific vertebrae. In our office, we will typically perform spinal x-rays and then take measurements to determine which areas are the problem and then determine which way they need to move back into place. We will also evaluate for leg length discrepancy, which can be a contributor to making lasting posture changes.

During your visit, you’ll be adjusted according to your x-ray analysis. Your chiropractor will perform specific adjustments to your spine, alleviating areas impacting your posture, restoring normal joint function, and helping to improve the nervous system.

Chiropractors can address vertebrae and attached muscles, aiding in posture maintenance and rectifying soft tissue imbalances. Additionally, they may recommend muscle releases and strengthening exercises to support posture correction.

By cultivating awareness of spinal position, you can develop better habits and deter poor posture.

Visiting a chiropractor for posture correction need not be daunting. With our guidance, achieving balance and good posture through proper realignment and rehabilitation is feasible.

What to Expect During Your Visit

Your chiropractor will initially assess your spine and joints to identify restrictions requiring adjustments. This is done by a consultation, followed by an examination, and any necessary x-rays.

Subsequently, they’ll initiate movements aimed at restoring your range of motion, particularly if nerve communication is affected. The objective is to stimulate the body’s inherent healing mechanisms and facilitate optimal functionality.

Following an adjustment, it’s essential to maintain good posture and avoid reverting to old habits. Your chiropractor may encourage mindfulness regarding posture throughout the day to reinforce the benefits of proper alignment along with stretches and exercises to keep your spine in a good position.

Consulting a chiropractor for posture issues extends beyond mere correction; it involves enhancing spinal function and acquiring techniques and tips to maintain a neutral spine in the future.

Ready to Fix Your Posture?

When you’re prepared to seek chiropractic assistance for posture improvement, we’re here to support you! CORE Chiropractic has been consistently rated one of Houston’s best chiropractic offices. We are the authors of Better Posture Fast, a book we created because we spend so much time helping our patients with their posture problems. Let us help you!

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