Posture Exercises And Neck Wedges – Do You Need Them?

By Dr. Philip Cordova

February 8, 2016

Posture exercises are largely ignored by the people that need to do them the most. Each day, patients walk into our office dealing with very specific conditions and issues that are directly related to poor posture. When you think about how much time you spend in the hunched over position, it really shouldn’t be a surprise.

Yes, you’re at a computer 6-8 hours (at least) every single day. You use the same posture when you drive your car, when you sit down to eat your meals, and when you look at your phone during the day. Conservatively speaking, you likely spend at least 200 hours each month in a hunched over, rounded shoulders, forward head posture.

posture exercises

Can you fix all of that with a chiropractic adjustment or do you need posture exercises?

No, but it sure does help. Sometimes, that forward head posture began as a vertebra out of alignment. You weren’t comfortable when your head was in the correct position, so you leaned forward just a bit to take pressure off. Soon, that wasn’t enough and you leaned ever forward until you ended up with the posture you have today and plenty of neck pain.

Posture exercises and specific work to restore your cervical curve are necessary to get fast results and long-term benefits. Just doing the back posture exercises without chiropractic is less effective, as you may have areas of your spine that aren’t working very well (very likely) and only through the restoration of a functioning spine can you get the maximum benefit from the exercises.

Which posture exercises should I be doing?

We’re so into helping you with your posture that we created a book called “Better Posture Fast” a book and program to help you with specific exercises to change your bad posture. It’s a program we have on a separate website, but one that we give to our patients at no charge. 

Doing these posture exercises consistently will make all the difference in getting your adjustments to hold longer and to help you make a change as quickly as possible. Ignore the recommended exercises to improve your posture and you will continue to come into our office complaining of neck, upper and mid back pain from sitting at the computer all day. You just can’t spend that much time hunched over and think it won’t have an effect.

What’s the neck wedge?

The neck wedge is a simple foam wedge that you lay on for about 5 – 10 minutes each day. It uses the weight of your head to traction your neck and help restore your curve. You can read more about them Neck Wedge, and pick one up in the office at a much cheaper price. Many patients pick up this neck wedge full of doubt that it will make any difference. Lay on one for a few minutes and you’ll notice how much pressure it takes off your neck.

Combine regular chiropractic care with consistent posture training exercises and neck wedge use and you’ll see a dramatic change in your posture.

So why don’t patients do these posture exercises?

Regularly, I remind, encourage, coax, bribe, and strongly recommend that patients do these posture exercises. Still, many won’t. I think it’s hard to understand how doing just 10 minutes of these exercises daily can make much of a difference in how they look and feel, but it does. You just can’t spend so much time in bad posture and little to no time in good posture and think that you’ll somehow end up with good posture. I can’t happen. Our bodies don’t work like that.

The good news is you don’t have to get crazy with the posture exercises. Just a little bit each day and you will start to notice the difference. Our bodies are awesome at adapting, especially when it’s an attempt to move the spine into its ideal position. You’re investing your time, efforts, and money in making positive changes to your spine and your health. Don’t neglect such a simple thing that can make all the difference in helping you achieve your desired results.

Your doctor will help you make sure you have access to all the posture exercises and make recommendations on which exercise program is right for you.

Dr. Philip Cordova

About the author

Dr. Philip Cordova is a chiropractor in Houston, Texas. He grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and decided to become a chiropractor after hurting his back as a teenager and getting help from chiropractic care. He is speaker on health & posture. Click Here To Read His Full Bio

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